Evolutionary, My Dear Watson: An Elementary Fallacy

“Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.”
–Arthur Conan Doyle, The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Who will help inscribe a tombstone for man’s long-time friend ‘Reason’ along with the brothers ‘Logic’ and  ‘Connections’?
Perhaps the inscription should read, “Bypassed, buried and forgotten in the year of our Lord __________”

Many LDS members claim a strong faith in God and in His word while simultaneously claiming a belief in evolution. They speak of a perfect God ‘using’ evolution to people and populate the diversity around us.

Apparently, ‘Reason’, ‘Logic’, and ‘Connections’ have indeed been smothered and buried,A Shattered Theory
because such a belief is a blatant fallacy–a logical impossibility.

It is impossible to reconcile a perfect God with the theory of Evolution.
And the logic really is, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”



“…it is better to learn wisdom late than never to learn it at all.”
–Sherlock Holmes, The Man with the Twisted Lip 

Truth #1. God is Perfect

Everything that God does/initiates/creates must be perfect or without sin.

The conditions in the Garden of Eden were completely without endings, without flaws, and without sin. Everything existed in plenty, there was encompassing love (even between the beasts), and everything within was capable of living eternally in God’s presence. The garden was God’s direct creation–it was flawless and eternal.

We are all familiar with the way that Adam and Eve used their agency to partake of the forbidden fruit and consequently were cast out. What we often don’t consider is the beauty of God’s plan.

Because Adam and Eve used their own agency to transgress, they (and not God) were fully responsible for the sin and death that entered the world. God fully obeyed the laws of perfection in the creation of the garden and Adam and Eve were fully responsible for initiating the Plan of Salvation. Combining godly perfection and man’s agency is the process that has driven personal improvement since the beginning.

Evolutionary Requirements

Evolution is driven by the process of, “Survival of the fittest.”

“Survival of the fittest”
–Charles Darwin, Origin of Species 1869

Evolution requires the processes of:
and ultimately
Survival that leads to genetic change.

And as additional driving factors:
and Suffering.

These processes are all telestial and are required for the theory of evolution to work.

God ‘Used’ Evolution?

Evolution is (by definition) the process of imperfection evolving towards perfection.

Evolution is imperfect.

If God used His agency to initiate/create evolution (imperfection), then God would have become, in that instant, imperfect. Creating imperfection is, by definition, imperfection.


Creating Imperfection is, by Definition, Imperfection.

In that instant of initiating evolution, God would have ceased to be God.

In addition, if God was the author of evolution (and by default all the telestial processes that drive it), then God is fully responsible for the:
that are all part of our mortal world.

And God (not man) is in need of a Savior.

All of these things lead to the conclusion that an evolutionary God would become instantly a non-existent God.

The logical implications of believing that God initiated evolution/imperfection carry us as far as:
Dethroning God,
and consequently
Damning man

Test The Truth

Truth holds up under scrutiny and, when tested, each part rings true. The doctrine clearly taught by the Brethren holds together under scrutiny without logical fallacies.

Before the Fall, there were no sin, no death, and no children (or birth). With the eating of the “forbidden fruit,” Adam and Eve became mortal, sin entered, and death became a part of life. Adam became the “first flesh” upon the earth (Moses 3:7), meaning that he and Eve were the first to become mortal.

After Adam fell, the whole creation fell and became mortal. Adam’s Fall brought both physical and spiritual death into the world upon all mankind (Hel. 14:16–17)…
–Bible Dictionary ‘Fall of Adam and Eve’

It shines in its beauty and demonstrates the wisdom and perfections of God.

Evolution, on the other hand, when tested, crumbles, revealing gaping holes and damning implications. It is completely impossible to reconcile evolution and a belief in a perfect, loving, God.

Eternally Personal Implications

Members who have built their foundation upon the words of the Prophets have never been deceived. (see ‘Doctrinal Fortifications Against Darwinian Evolution‘) It is only when we are, “wise in our own eyes and prudent in our own sight” (2 Nephi 15:21) and take for doctrine the philosophies of men that we build ourselves upon a sandy foundation.

Evolution, like all of the lies of Satan, falls apart once exposed to the light of true doctrine. During the War in Heaven, logic clearly unmasked the flaws of Satan”s plan, but 1/3 of God’s children were, sadly, too blind to see. Looking around now at those who support evolution, it is apparent that God’s children are still struggling to grasp the often simple logic that would expose the damning lies of our day.

It is our responsibility to bring the light to our brothers and sisters, and we must not fail to share the truth because we, “fear man more than God.”

You know someone who deserves to know the truth about evolution–so go share!


Oh, my friends ‘Reason’, ‘Logic’, and ‘Connections’.
When will a blind and stumbling world choose to uncover what they have buried?
When will they again appreciate what they now ignore?
When will they cease to accept truth and lie as one?
And when will they believe, trust, and think upon a foundation sure.



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