Is ‘Energy’ of God?

What is the power that is behind Energy Healing, Law of Attraction, Emotion Code, Foot-Zoning, and similar ‘New Age’ practices? Is it of God? What have Prophets said about it? Could it be spiritually and physically harmful?…”Are you not aware how easily we may be deceived?” – Brigham Young… (Read More)


He is Our Savior

Beginning from his spiritual birth to heavenly parents, through his ministry and sacrifice, and finally to these last days as we prepare to build Zion and welcome the triumphant Savior to the earth, Jesus Christ, the great Jehovah, is our perfect example–and even more miraculously, our true friend…(Read More)

Moroni’s Call

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching good members sleep-walk right past one of the most important principles of eternal progression, and with it the gate to the celestial kingdom and Zion. How sad when most are too comfortable to see what they are missing–and what they’re losing! …. (Read More)

There’s Only A ‘Poof’ In The Movies

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself, but researchers say that generation Y (born from 1980-2000) has some problems–problems that are growing ever more prevalent in today’s youngest generation. And while science can track challenges in school, social ineptitude, and a lack of concentration, these become insignificant in comparison to the root of the problem, a mindset that… Continue reading There’s Only A ‘Poof’ In The Movies