Highest and Noblest Work

It is increasingly under attack in our culture; yet, there is no higher and nobler work…we need to make sure we do our part to make a stand…(Read More)


No Unclean Thing

What do the dark moments of our Savior’s atonement teach us about what it means to “touch no unclean thing?”…Does keeping the “spirit with (us) always” require avoiding contact with evil?…(Read More)

Higher Laws

Our Savior couldn’t simultaneously be in Nazareth and in Jerusalem…He demonstrated that mortal perfection is based on correct priorities, not on doing everything…the Savior demonstrated one central goal and one core motivation that are at the heart of godhood…(Read More)

Is ‘Energy’ of God?

What is the power that is behind Energy Healing, Law of Attraction, Emotion Code, Foot-Zoning, and similar ‘New Age’ practices? Is it of God? What have Prophets said about it? Could it be spiritually and physically harmful?…”Are you not aware how easily we may be deceived?” – Brigham Young… (Read More)

He is Our Savior

Beginning from his spiritual birth to heavenly parents, through his ministry and sacrifice, and finally to these last days as we prepare to build Zion and welcome the triumphant Savior to the earth, Jesus Christ, the great Jehovah, is our perfect example–and even more miraculously, our true friend…(Read More)